Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chocolate Strawberry Layer Cake

Most of you probably don't know that I'm a college freshman.  This means I live in the dorms.  With no kitchen.  But, luckily for me I made friends with some upper classmates who live in the fancy apartment style housing.  These rooms are equipped with your very own room, a bathroom shared by you and your suitemates and your very own full kitchen! 

 So today, on this lazy Sunday, one of my friends said to me "I have a chocolate cake mix you can make if you want."  To which I replied "Really?!  Yes!!"  I know that box mixes are cheating but guys, it's been a good month and a half since I've been able to bake ANYTHING.  A box mix sounded like heaven. 

But of course I wasn't going to leave it at just an ordinary chocolate cake.  I was going to turn it into something that nobody would guess came from a box! (Or cans because that's where the frosting came from...)
Now I'll just skip all the boring how to's cause I'm sure everyone can throw together a simple chocolate cake mix and spread frosting from a can.  I'll just tell you all how I made it not so cake-from-a-box-y! 

I knew I wanted to do a layer cake, so I improvised and baked the layers in a pie pan and just leveled off the tops.  On the bottom layer I spread whipped strawberry frosting and then sprinkled with milk chocolate chips.  Then I decided some real strawberries would add a nice touch.

I then spread more strawberry icing on the top of the second layer and placed it top down on top of the first layer.  I did this so that the very top of the layered cake would be smooth and not crumby. 

After I placed the second layer on top I took the chocolate frosting and covered the entire surface.  Then I chopped up some more chocolate chips and sprinkled them on top for garnish!  (And a little extra chocolatey goodness)

This cake might have "cheater" written all over it, but boy was it good!  The strawberries in the middle really do add the perfect sweet to compliment the chocolate.  If you ever want to look fancy without all the effort required, something like this would be perfect!